Wednesday 6 May 2020

Month and a half

Current death count stands at about quarter of a million.

The first peak seems to be over in Europe, countries are heading towards easing up the restrictions - with an eye towards a second (hopefully less tragic) peak in summer. The outliers, who tried out unorthodox strategies - UK, Sweden, USA. Well, UK now has the most deaths of all EU countries. Sweden has four times the mortality ratio of Norway or Finland. USA...

USA is still before the peak. There's now talk about "stabilising" at 3000 deaths per day. Which is about the total world death count at the moment. States are already opening up, with protesters demanding end to social distancing measures.

The "month and a half" seems to be the point where most "stable" companies are running out of liquid cash. Mass layoffs are likely to happen at the May/June boundary, unless there's either a heavy government intervention or business can start again.

I'm starting my third week of the unplanned holiday leave. My bread baking is getting much better (all the supply shortages seem to be over, confirming that they were mostly due to panic buying in March) - even though the last loaf was a real "dwarven bread" offensive weapon grade one. But I do know why it came out like this, and can improve. There's some gardening work, some house improvements, a bit of open source. In general, time is passing slowly. If this was a normal situation, it'd be a rather pleasant spring.