Sunday 27 February 2022

Буча / Bucza / Bucha

There was fighting tonight in Bucha. Russian occupying heavy military vehicles roll on the streets this morning. Less than a year ago my aunt visited this quiet town in the Kyiv suburbs to commemorate, with the local council, the works of her great-grandfather who was the town’s doctor. There was tea, and a school play, and cake, and a small handcraft exhibition. There are now tanks in the street.

Like most people in Poland, I’ve got roots in Ukraine. Another family branch grows from the shared tragedy of Wołyń. I can't not get emotional about the subject.

Ukrainian-Polish border at Сянки/ Sianki / Syanki

But I also get angry. The madman dictator with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal is invading right at our doorstep and he won’t stop at Ukraine. His land claims - based on XIXth century empire borders - include half of all the EU countries. Read that again: half of the EU members would have to fall under his rule to satisfy his current demands. He has threatened nuclear strikes, he has threatened dropping the International Space Station on Europe. This isn’t something you can safely ride out, hiding far away, and ignore.

Please help any way you can. Write to your MPs. Protest. Give to charities. Take in refugees.

I am giving all my non-essential income this month to helping Ukraine.