Tuesday 29 September 2020

One million

Total deaths worldwide have crossed over one million, half a year (and a few days) after Europe had the emergency lockdown. 20% of those deaths have been in the USA. Total infected, while much harder to estimate, stands at around 33 million, with about 10 million of them currently sick.

It's really hard to comment on those numbers.

Locally, Poland crossed one thousand diagnosed per day a week ago and hasn't dropped below that daily threshold since. There's fewer deaths than in the first peak, but not by much.

A lot of the initial epidemiologists’ predictions are still holding: September - October is on track to be a second peak in infections; there’s multiple vaccines in trials, near the end of 2020, but none of them are likely to be globally distributed before the end of 2021. No real return to work from the office for those who can afford remote work. What crowds have been calling “expert scaremongering” turned out to be just expert knowledge.

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